Securing Territories for the communities of Perú

    The exhibition seeks to bring Peruvian citizens closer to the reality of the rural communities of Peru, which are the expression of indigenous peoples. By doing this, it seeks to remedy the situation of invisibility and selflessness that has surrounded them throughout the history of the country.

    Through its eight panels, Securing Territories provides critical information to understand the magnitude and importance of more than 10,000 rural communities, occupying about one third of the national territory. It walks the audience through the different types of communities, their location, stressing their cultural and economic contribution to the country, and what disadvantages and obstacles they face.

    The exhibition highlights the importance of communal territory for the culture, social organization and economy of rural communities. It shows how governments over the past 30 years have weakened the communal property regime, seeking to divide communal territories into individual plots that can be sold on the market. These policies are at odds with the legal obligation of the Peruvian State to ensure the legal recognition of communities and their territories.

    Two video clips help broadening understanding of this issues: Communities are closer than you think and animation The endless conquest of the communities of Peru.