The Putumayo-Amazonas Indigenous Landscape

The Great Putumayo-Amazonas Landscape encompasses close to four million hectares of high-diversity Amazon forests located between the Putumayo and Amazonas Rivers, comprising the territories of nine indigenous peoples and five natural protected areas located in the department of Loreto, Peru. Throughout 11 panels of 1 x 2 meters, illustrated by photographs and paintings of renowned artists, the exhibition features an innovative model of management of this Amazonian landscape that seeks to ensure the continuity of ecological systems and contribute to the well-being of local populations. The Putumayo-Amazonas Indigenous Landscape is the centerpiece of an ecological corridor that connects protected natural areas and indigenous territories of Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

For the establishment of the Great Putumayo Amazonas Landscape the Instituto del Bien Común works closely with state, regional and municipal authorities, scientific research institutions and indigenous federations.

Complements the infographic exhibition and video Voices of the Great Indigenous Landscape Putumayo Amazonas

A brochure with a printed version of the sample is available.

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