Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve

Throughout eight panels illustrated with colors and cheerful motifs, this infographic exhibition presents the history, geography and enormous cultural and biological diversity of the Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yánesha Biosphere Reserve (BIOAY), located in the province of Oxapampa,...
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The Putumayo-Amazonas Indigenous Landscape

The Great Putumayo-Amazonas Landscape encompasses close to four million hectares of high-diversity Amazon forests located between the Putumayo and Amazonas Rivers, comprising the territories of nine indigenous peoples and five natural protected areas located...
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Securing Territories for the communities of Perú

The exhibition seeks to bring Peruvian citizens closer to the reality of the rural communities of Peru, which are the expression of indigenous peoples. By doing this, it seeks to remedy the situation of...
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