Territorial Ordinance

Through Territorial Planning-related activities, IBC aids native communities resolve their physical and legal tenure problems in order to secure rights over their territories. Territorial planning is also applied to the communal territories' zoning protocols necessary for natural resources management. The work is carried out with a large landscape approach and taking into account the socio-cultural, environmental and geographical diversity of the intervention areas. These landscapes correspond to a mosaic where areas of different categories complement each other (e.g. native communities, protected natural areas and territorial reserves for uncontacted indigenous peoples). In addition, training services in the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographical Information System) programs are provided in IBC programs and to indigenous organizations.


  • IBC contributes to the protection of the environment through territorial planning activities, while helping indigenous communities and organizations secure legal tenure (property deeds of native communities' territories, and territorial expansion procedures) and move towards the sustainable management of their territories and natural resources.
  • Consolidate indigenous areas, helping communities solve physical and legal tenure problems.
  • Gather information on titled native communities and indigenous settlements pending legal registration and/or property deeds in areas where georeferencing has not been conducted by the Information System on Native Communities of Peru (SICNA).
  • Support IBC's programs to strengthen native communities' territorial management capacity, with a view to sustainable development (zoning of areas of use and conservation), through participatory mapping.
  • Contribute to strengthening the local capacities of native communities and indigenous organizations through training on GPS and GIS (ArcGis) geographic information programs.
  • Support and advise indigenous communities and organizations on the defense of their territories.