Monday, December 11, 2023


Renzo Piana Arenas

Executive Director

He holds a BSc in Forestry Sciences (UNALM, Peru), an MSc in Agricultural Sciences (KVL, Denmark) and a PhD in Applied Ecology (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), and is driven by a passion for scientific research and the conservation of endangered species. Renzo is a founding member of the Union of Ornithologists of Peru and an associate researcher at the Center for Ornithology and Biodiversity. He was Executive Director of the international NGO Spectacled Bear Conservation ? SBC, Deputy Director of the Institute for the Common Good and Director of Science and Research of the Amazon Basin Conservation Association ? ACCA.

Margarita Benavides

Deputy Director, Large Landscape Management Area Coordinator

Anthropologist with 40+ years of experience in Amazonian indigenous peoples, their rights and territories. At Oxfam America she led projects with indigenous peoples of the Amazon in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. At IBC she has contributed to the creation of the Information System on Native Communities (SICNA) and the Amazonian Network of Geo-referenced Socio-environmental Information (Raisg). From the Large Landscape Management Area, he collaborates with the Putumayo Amazonas and ProPachitea programs. She has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Anthropology from the Catholic University of Peru. She was a visiting professional at the Conservation and Development Program of the University of Florida.

Brenda Boluarte


She has a degree in Services Administration with a Master in Business Administration (MBA-Medex) from the University of Piura, and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Finance and Human Resources. She has 11 years of experience managing the areas of Administration and Finance, leading the areas of Finance, Accounting, Treasury, Taxation, Administration, Internal Control, Human Resources and Logistics in service companies and NGOs.

María Rosa Montes

Institutional Development and Communication Coordinator

Writer and communicator with 25 years of international experience in sustainable development, environment and indigenous peoples. She has advised various organizations, including Harvard University and the United Nations. She has led campaigns on indigenous peoples' rights and the creation of protected areas. He has developed innovative outreach material and publications on socio-environmental issues in the Amazon. He holds a Master's degree in Public Administration (Harvard University) and in Social Communication (Catholic University of Louvain), with a special diploma in Development Studies from the same university.

Area of Public Policy and Management of the Commons

Miguel Macedo

Coordinator of the Area of Public Policies and Management of the Common Good

Anthropologist with experience in indigenous and mestizo populations of the Amazon. He is interested in local participation mechanisms in the management of protected areas and indigenous territories and in the protection of indigenous peoples in isolation (PIACI). In IBC he leads the generation of social and environmental geographic information with strategic value for the management of Amazonian landscapes, as well as advocacy for the territorial security of communities and collaborative governance of the commons. He is an anthropologist from the Catholic University of Peru and a PhD candidate at the University of San Marcos.

Carla Soria

SICNA Coordinator

Computer technician specialized in cartography and spatial modeling. She is responsible for the Information System on Native Communities of the Amazon (SICNA) and the Directory of Native Communities. Prepares thematic maps for institutional publications, co-edits the Atlas of Native Communities and Protected Areas of the Peruvian Amazon. Contributes to the work of IBC in the framework of RAISG.

Pedro Tipula

SICCAM Coordinator

Geographer and researcher, specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He coordinates the project Sistema de Información sobre Comunidades Campesinas del Perú (SICCAM) and contributes with studies and publications related to indigenous peoples, pressures and threats in landscapes of the Andean Amazon, including the Red Amazónica RAISG. He holds a Master's degree in Land Management and Planning.

Ermeto Tuesta

Specialist in Territorial Management and Indigenous Peoples

Expert in geographic information systems and defense of indigenous territories in Amazonia, with 28 years of experience in georeferencing, titling and expansion of native communities, and advising the State and indigenous organizations. Promotes titling processes and follows up on the legal procedures involved. Implements initiatives to strengthen indigenous organizations.

Sandra Ríos

Consultant Forest Conservation Specialist

Geographical engineer specialized in monitoring Amazonian forests, with experience in research and analysis of deforestation, identifying its causes and factors, mainly in indigenous territories. She builds and applies management strategies for the initiative MapBiomas Amazonía and Deforestation Maps of the Amazonian Network of Geo-referenced Socio-environmental Information (RAISG).

Luis A. Hallazi

Consultant in advocacy on indigenous territories

Lawyer, political scientist and university professor, specialist in environmental and indigenous peoples' law. He advises the IBC with respect to initiatives and changes in public policies from various spaces created by civil society for the promotion, defense and advocacy on the territorial rights of indigenous peoples. 

Vanessa Rodríguez

Fisheries advocacy consultant

Lawyer with 15+ years of experience in research, consulting and university teaching on environmental management and governance in the Amazon. She has published articles and books on these topics. She collaborates with IBC for the Diploma on Fisheries Governance in the Amazon, at the Catholic University of Peru.

Area of Socio-environmental Management of Large Landscapes

Propachitea Program

Oxapampa ? Pasco

Edgardo Castro

ProPachitea Program Coordinator

Biologist specializing in ecology and conservation with 25+ years of experience in research and management of development and conservation initiatives. He has published research on aquatic invertebrates, fish and Amazonian fisheries and implemented biological and fisheries monitoring systems and environmental impact assessment in aquatic ecosystems. At IBC he leads projects on territorial management, establishment and governance of protected areas, resource management, impact monitoring, and payment for ecosystem services. He has a Master's degree in Ecology and Conservation from the National University of San Marcos. Collaborating member of the Department of Ichthyology of the Museum of Natural History of the UNMSM.

César Laura

Specialist in governance and advocacy

Zootechnician and communicator with twenty years of experience in projects that integrate conservation and sustainable development. He contributes to strengthening the management of conservation areas and the Oxapampa Asháninka Yánesha Biosphere Reserve.

Stefany Salcedo

Consultant in conservation areas

Environmental engineer specialized in landscape analysis, evaluation and management and remote sensing applied to natural resource management. She advises on the establishment of regional and private conservation areas and provides technical support to local governments in environmental management strategies, conservation and resource use.

Lizbeth Quijandría

Communications Consultant

Social communicator with ten years of experience in journalism, marketing and communication for development. She advises IBC in communications related to projects related to conservation areas, ecosystem service retribution mechanisms, fisheries, indigenous peoples.

Patricia Talavera

Socio-environmental Specialist

Biologist with experience in biodiversity management and strengthening governance and community management. She develops capacities in indigenous organizations in the province of Puerto Inca and works for territorial legal security and strengthening of indigenous governance through communal indigenous management instruments.

Carmen Loyola

Socio-environmental Specialist

Educator with 35 years of experience in adult education and basic health and education services projects. She promotes community forest management, organizational strengthening of native communities and the security of their territories. 

Guido Casimiro 

Consultant in ecosystem services retribution mechanisms.

Graduated in Integrated Watershed Management, he has experience in the implementation of Conservation Agreements and in reforestation and conservation of watersheds. He advises the Ecosystem Services Remuneration Mechanisms-MERESE initiative developed by the IBC in Pasco.

Alex Bottger 

Consultant in environmental management and governance

Engineer in food industries with extensive experience in environmental management and governance working with Amazonian populations, organizations and local governments. Advisor in the creation of private conservation areas and the implementation of the Citizen Science Project, research on fishing, involving native communities of the Pichis.

Carolina Perret 

Monitoring and evaluation consultant

Chemical engineer specialized in environmental management and auditing. Advises IBC in the design and implementation of monitoring strategies to evaluate the impact of the Participatory Management Project for the Conservation and Management of Water Interest Zones in the BIOAY Biosphere Reserve.

Dennis Huaman 

Forest restoration and conservation consultant.

Forestry and environmental engineer specialized in forest and forest resource management. He has prepared environmental impact studies and participated in municipal environmental initiatives in the province of Oxapampa. At IBC he advises on the recovery of forest cover in foothills and riparian zones.

Carlos Rojas Mishari

Specialist in project management for native communities

Forestry engineer with experience in territorial legal security of native communities, strengthening of indigenous governance and management of economic development initiatives for climate change mitigation. He is responsible for the management of small projects in native communities aimed at improving the management of their resources and their quality of life.

Cynthia Yabar 

Administrative Assistant

Executive secretary with experience in state and financial entities. Ensures all administrative tasks necessary for the proper performance of the ProPachitea program, in coordination with the central office.

Putumayo Amazonas Program

Iquitos ? Loreto

Ana Rosa Sáenz

Putumayo Amazonas Program Coordinator

Agronomist engineer with extensive experience in sustainable management of natural resources and governance of Amazonian landscapes working with indigenous populations. She leads an interdisciplinary team for the establishment and governance of the Putumayo Amazon Great Indigenous Landscape. This involves territorial and environmental management of a 3.5 million hectare landscape and capacity building in sustainable management of forest resources and aquatic systems. It facilitates inter-institutional alliances at the municipal and regional government level, indigenous organizations and civil society. Graduated from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon and the Peruvian Institute of Business Administration.

Freddy Ferreyra

Responsible for Landscape Management Putumayo

Biologist, with 14 years of experience in Amazonian territory management, working with indigenous peoples for the organizational strengthening of native communities, the implementation of their quality of life plans and the establishment and management of protected areas. He promotes the creation of two national and regional protected areas in the Putumayo basin.

Genoveva Freitas

Natural Protected Areas Specialist

Biologist, specialist in management of natural areas, natural resource management, strengthening of territorial governance, design of environmental management instruments. She promotes sustainable development initiatives involving forest resource management by native communities adjacent to the Ampiyacu Apayacu Regional Conservation Area.

José Jibaja

Geographic Information Systems and Land Use Planning Consultant

Bachelor in Tropical Forest Ecology. Advises IBC in processes of updating base cartography as inputs for ecological and forest zoning in Loreto, forest monitoring and analysis of the effects of climate change in forests in the northwest of the Amazon. Provides technical support for the titling of native communities.

Marina Vargas

Consultant in fisheries management

Biologist with experience in sustainable management of fishery resources in a participatory governance framework. She advises on the development of fisheries management instruments and the strengthening of organizational capacities and fisheries management in local fishermen's organizations.

Alberto Bermeo

Community forestry management consultant

Engineer and forestry manager, with experience in community forest management and management of harvesting units in forest concessions. Advisor to the IBC in community forest management and management of conservation and restoration plans for native community forests in the Putumayo basin.

Juleisi Fernández

Geographic Information Systems and Land Use Planning Consultant

Bachelor in Tropical Forest Ecology. Advisor to IBC in processes of establishment of Natural Protected Areas in the Putumayo basin and in monitoring of forests in the Putumayo-Amazon Great Landscape. Advisor in titling processes of native communities to achieve legal security of their ancestral territories.

Andrea Campos 

Administrative Assistant

Degree in Business Administration from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP). Executes the administrative processes necessary for the operation of the Program, in coordination with the administration area of the headquarters.


Marlon Chaparro

IT Specialist

Electronics technician, with studies in Anthropology at the PUCP. He has extensive experience in network administration and management of computer systems in corporate and non-profit organizations.

Hercilda Zavala


Degree in Accounting and Finance from Universidad Tecnológica de Perú, with experience in human resources administration. She is in charge of the institution's general accounting, financial reporting and preparation of audits, among other responsibilities.

Mirle Tello


Financial Accounting Technician, with experience in the private and non-profit sector. She is in charge of the institution's treasury and is responsible for payments. Supports the accounting of the organization.

Luis Brayan Guillén

Assistant accountant

Titulado en contabilidad de la Universidad Peruana las Américas, cuenta con experiencia como asistente contable y analista de planillas. Encargado de elaborar la planilla en el sistema, elaborar las boletas de pago, declaración de las AFP?s y PDT Plame.

Karina Sifuentes

Administrative Assistant

Studied computer science, informatics and languages, with experience in customer service. She supports the administrator and provides customer service from the reception of the Lima office.

Luis Murguia

Administrative Assistant

Computer and Information Technology Technician. He is in charge of the pending procedures before government entities and supports the efforts of the different areas before banking entities.